Yagyūkai USA

1.Keiko (practice) days and times.
Yagyūkai practice is held in several locations throughout the USA. The main dōjō is at Ken-Zen Institute, in New York City and training is on Saturdays, 1:00–4:00 p.m. Additionally, in the greater New York City area, training is held on Long Island and in New Jersey. Shinkage Ryū training is also held in other parts of the country, in Austin, Texas, and Ithaca, New York.
2. Keiko and kōdō (lecture) by the Headmaster.
Yagyūkai USA has an intensive seminar and special lecture on the history and theory of the Ryū, led by the 22nd Headmaster of Shinkage-Ryū, Yagyū Kōichi Toshinobu. This held every year, usually for four or five days and usually over the second weekend in September.

3. Contact addresses.
People interested in training in Shinkage-Ryū should contact the following individuals by e-mail: Meik Skoss (NYC/New Jersey) mskoss@koRyū.com, David Rabinovici (NYC/Long Island) DRDWR@aol.com, Damir Jamsek (Austin, Texas) kuushu@gmail.com, and Bo Carlsen (Ithaca, New York) Robert.bocarlson@gmail.com.

4. Membership process and membership fee.
Currently, the membership process for the NYC dōjō is simple: individuals interested in training need to observe three practices in a row (this can be changed in some circumstances) and discuss what membership requirements and expectations are in the Yagyūkai. If they wish to join the group, they will pay a monthly fee of $60.00 and an annual fee of $60.00 to the current headmaster. It is also required that members of the group train directly under the current headmaster at least once every two years.